Can Cascadia join the wheel world?

Good awticle:

Via the BTA.

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  • Ian Hopper

    Awesome! Once again you provided inspiration for my most recent blog entry. It's here.

    BTW, I got the replacement controller this afternoon. I'll be installing it today!

  • Erik Sandblom

    The remarkable diagram above shows the number of rush-hour vehicles across "søsnittet" or "the lake cross-section" of Copenhagen which is very roughly analogous to Manhattan or lower Manhattan in New York City. The cycle symbol represents human-powered vehicles and mopeds.

    The graph in all its glory is on page eleven of this pdf.

    There's another graph on page seven, which shows the same trend measured across the whole day, not rush hour. This other graph also shows another cross section, the city limits, which shows cycling as stagnant and motor traffic growing.

    The Copenhagen Bicycle Account is available in English and has some impressive statistics showing how much the bike path network is growing, and declining numbers of accidents, even in intersections. There is no mention of helmets.

    All in all a closer look just confirms that cycling really is taking over as the main form of transport for central Copenhagen, and safety is improving at the same time.

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