California bakfiets invasion imminent

Yes, it’s happening even in Los Angeles, a car-head dystopia I reserve the right to disdain since I grew up at the confluence of the 57 and 60 freeways. Check out Bakfietsen to the Future!, about an expectant father whose acquisition of a bakfiets instead of a second car just as oil is passing the $100/barrel mark is “a way to live my life on my own terms” and avoid reverting to the “chubby, hateful, angry” driver he once was. Your daughter will love it, Josef.

Josef got his bak from our friends at Rain City Bikes north of the border (it’s all good, but… but did we screw up somehow?). Our own north-south aid package, the San Francisco Bakfiets shuttle is finally coming together with free delivery scheduled 19-20 January. The truck is pretty full already with bikes ready to ride, but we can disassemble a bit and pack in a few more if you act fast. We are packing only pre-sold bikes, but perhaps if you show up at the to-be-determined pickup locations you can kick the tires gently to decide if you want one.

5 thoughts on “California bakfiets invasion imminent”

  • Maxwell

    LA is quite the dystopia in a car, but once you get on a bike it's pretty nice: Mostly flat, great weather, wide roads, all manner of interesting sights, sounds and smells.

    The fringe nature of cycling in Los Angeles makes for a very tight knit cycling community, Josef the new bakfietsen owner is founder of The Bike Oven one of the three very successful bike co-ops that have popped up in recent years. The first being the bicycle kitchen, and the most recently opened community bicycle space with a food themed name being the BikeRoWave. Since Bike Summer in '05 Bicycle culture has exploded here, I see more people on bikes every day. The only real barrier to cycling here is mental, most people just don't consider it as an option, but that is sure changing!

  • Melissa

    Yes, I definitely agree - a car can be useful in LA, but only because the city is gigantic! When I am on two wheels (either Vespa or bicycle) it is so much more enjoyable - and fun. I now live in Portland, but long for the warm evenings and gigantic grid of paved roads and palm trees - and of course the wonderful feeling of owning the road there, as bicycles are not quite as popular as they are there - so an evening outing can be like owning the world! Don't get me wrong, I am looking forward to visiting throughout the years and enjoying the progression of bicycles as transportation and fun -
    it is already popular at the beaches - but the city itself has a long way to go...more than just mental, though...the infrastructure needs to change - to include more bike lanes (either sharrows or lanes - like are popular in Portland) and education of drivers...and of other bicyclists - when biking in Hollywood-area I often encountered cyclists that rode against traffic, speed down sidwalks (almost got run down by one of them!).
    Yeah, LA has a ways to go...but it'll make it there...looking forward to seeing that! And visiting the Bicycle Kitchen this summer ..yay!

  • Bruce A. Wilson

    I know what you mean about the education of other bicyclists. I try to be a responsible cyclist, cycling according to the rules of the road, but when I see my fellow-cyclists riding against traffic, on sidewalks and especially at night without lights it makes me want to reach out and slap them. If we want motorists to respect us as legal users of the roads, then we should respect the laws that govern that use.

  • jenken

    In my search for a bike trailer, I have stumbled upon the smarter (aha! more clever!) Dutch version in the cargo bike. And, from one link to the next, I found myself here. Let's see if I can't leverage Bush's generous rebate and get me self one of dem bakfiets! I, too, grew up near the confluence of the 57 and 60 freeways. Now we find ourselves (and our 3 y/o) in a rural Northern CA town contemplating our carbon footprint and a move to the NW. Just had to say hello! Happy Cycling

  • Martijn Janssen

    Hi I'm from the netherlands and just wondered how do you pronounce the word "bakfiets". My guess is "backfeets". That must sound a bit silly if you hear it the first time.

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