Three summers in two years

We opened in June 2007. Since then we’ve not just survived, but expanded, and are proud to have helped stoke an explosion of interest in biking beyond the sport and leisure categories.

The pre-established “commuter” bike category, defined as dorkified sport bikes at vandal-ready price points, has proven to be too narrow, failing to appeal in substance or style to grown-ups with or without children as credible car alternatives for year-round urban mobility, for “everyday cycling” as Mr. Wittwer has it.

We still don’t stock car racks, or hydration systems, or clingy clothes, or bikes with tires either skinny or knobby, or lacking kickstands. Older, bigger shops in town now also stock more than one model of cargo bike, and we’re no longer even Hawthorne Boulevard’s only bakfiets, longtail, city, and folding bike specialist.

Thank you!

We’re marking our anniversary with some special events, since there’s not much else going on in June anyway.

  • Yehuda Moon & the Kickstand Cyclery book signing with the author Rick Smith, Saturday, 13 June, 1-3 pm. Set in a bike shop, Rick’s daily strip came to our attention last year as the shop’s customers — and products, and staff — began more and more conspicuously to resemble ours.
  • Tapas Ride, evening of 16 June. Four restaurants, food & wine, $45: tickets limited! (SOLD OUT! sorry!)
  • One-day anniversary sale, Sunday June 14. Deep, deep, crazy-deep cuts on select bikes and components marked that day with red stickers.

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