Update: Many thanks to our customers over the last 4 rainy January days who mentioned our 10% Haiti relief program, and to those who decided not to delay a purchase upon hearing of it. Thanks to your generosity, we are donating over $1300 to Mercy Corps.

I listened sleepless to the radio in the wee hours today. There’s report of about 1,000 bodies piled up outside a collapsed hospital in Port-au-Prince, capital of the poorest country in the hemisphere. More than 50,000 Up to 200,000 are estimated dead, with unknown thousands trapped dying in the rubble. This is the first wave. With no working infrastructure to speak of, little clean water after 72 hours, mayhem and disease now threaten the living.

Please consider making a donation to speed and deepen relief efforts. Clever Cycles will donate 10% of sales now through Monday to Portland-based Mercy Corps’ “Where Most Needed” designation, which, if it isn’t Haiti, is difficult to ponder right now.

Thanks to these other local family shops and faraway bike businesses we admire for taking similar steps first (sorry if I’ve left some out; there’s a nice wave effect building fast!):

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