I’ve only ever been to Amsterdam in the cold, gray months. Seeing this clip a few days ago of the utter normalcy of biking there made me remember, and smile. The man behind the camera is William Hsu, from My Dutch Bike in San Francisco, there to immerse himself in the supply side. Via Amsterdamize.

2 thoughts on “Flow”

  • Dave

    I think one of the biggest things that stood out to me about this, is just the fluidity and spontaneity that bicycles allow in traffic (the same thing stood out to me about pedestrian traffic in Lithuania), in contrast to the strict, river-like movement of automobile traffic, always in a queue, always in a straight line. More and more lately, I feel boxed in and confined when I'm driving (as rare as that is), and this just reminds me why that is - you are just allowed so much more movement on a bicycle, simply by the nature of the vehicle.

  • drooderfiets

    Ha yes I know that place, I've been there...

    I have to admit that sometimes. car on this axis are impressive and make you stop. But this is never for a long time...

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