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Our February remodel is substantially complete after the obligatory time and cost overruns. The place now feels much bigger, restoring some of the open, airy feel that we opened with in 2007. What used to be our workshop is now more showroom, continuous with our 908 Hawthorne space, while our workshop now has natural light adjacent to our service entrance on 1516 SE 9th. newLighting is much improved throughout. Since the flooring was pretty badly ripped up and likely to stay that way, we got a bunch of large oriental carpets, wool naturally. We think they help tie together the clothing and the bikes as useful, beautiful objects transcending fads. Besides, the patterns hide stains while trapping dust bunnies for vacuuming up!

Come check it out and see why it feels like a new start for us.

We’re very excited about 2010. Sales in January were stronger than in the previous July, which makes us optimistic either that the recession is lifting, or that more people are figuring out that riding instead of driving is a fine way to live, regardless.

Here are some brief highlights of what’s new at Clever Cycles this year:

LinusLinus bikes stand out as amazing values at around $550. These are clean revivals of bike designs that got swept away in America’s dark decades of bikes as little more than sporting goods. Only they are better built than ever and, and … just come try one or three. Come after trying other city bikes near this cost. We’ll wait.

Ticino – This new line from Electra is lighter and sportier than almost anything else we’ve carried, while remaining comfortable and practical as a way to get around with modest loads. They’re well built even at the $500 entry point, and very pretty. Compatible racks due soon; in the meantime they’re perfect for enjoying the blossom snow.

Breezer – Selected “Editor’s Choice” in 2009 by Bicycling Magazine in the commuter category, the Breezer Uptown 8 used to cost $1160. Now they are $880, making them pretty irresistible considering the feature set. They build up into great Xtracycles, too!

BromptonBrompton folding bikes aren’t new to the world or to us, but better than ever with a new lower-cost hub dynamo lighting system, new bags, and soon a re-stock of the third-party accessory Itchair child seat. Here’s a good article about why Bromptons are special. We just received 22 2010 models!

GazelleGazelle is the oldest, largest, and probably best-loved bicycle brand in the Netherlands. Among cargo and city bike designs, from Gazelle we have probably the largest, if not the only significant stock of children’s bikes in America featuring integrated lighting, racks, locks, internal gearhubs, chaincases, fenders, and kickstands: fun, but tools not toys!

Retrovelo – We were sadly out of stock of Retrovelo‘s gorgeous bikes most of 2009. We have corrected this problem!

The Not Knicker Project – Our own trousers, sort of a mash-up of Bicycle Fixation’s fine knickers and Rivendell’s MUSA pants. Four-season, 100% worsted wool, made in USA. Coming soon!

In a slow moment, I put on a headband camera and rode through the new shop on a personal Brompton, never putting a foot down:

4 thoughts on “Clever Cycles 2010”

  • Chelsea

    I hope your pants come in women's sizes too! I have such a hard time finding good pants for biking and everyday use too.

  • Todd (admin)

    Chelsea, while we didn't conceive of these trousers as gender-specific, the testers were guys. They are loose in the upper parts, so maybe it will work. Of course, if people like these, we'll make more, and different. You're spot on about them being suitable for everyday use and biking as if these needed to be separate!

  • Joe

    Very nice looking shop, and great ride through it. I was cringing, hoping to not see all those nice bikes go down like dominos!
    What is the saddle you have on the two xtracycle longtails you rode around on the first sharp turn of your ride?

  • Todd (admin)

    Hi Joe - All saddles in the shop are either stock Brooks, stock not-Brooks, or Brooks we added. In the case of the 2 Xtracycled Breezers at the end of the first row, those are stock not-Brooks. Velo-Plush brand, nothing special.

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