Fiets of Parenthood: how we roll

After a long, cool, wet Spring, finally the sun came out in all her fierce blazing glory to bless the first inaugural Fiets of Parenthood Pedalpalooza event Saturday, along with everybody else on a bike this weekend in Portland.


sarah gilbert and boyAll during Pedalpalooza, there are multiple bike events going on at almost all hours, light and dark. Conflicts are inevitable. The problems we have, right? The fact that FoP conflicted with the the established family ride portion of Cirque du Cycling disappointed a few. This was an accidental oversight. But if it wasn’t, FoP would differ from other events in its tight focus on Portland’s growing everyday normality of raising children on bicycles, for all the ordinary, non-freakish tasks of getting from A to B as a family, hauling stuff, without a car. As a shop, as parents and citizens, this cuts close to who we are. That’s why we were especially proud to host this event. Lots of people contributed to the realization of Totcycle’s vision, but everybody knows that our customer Sarah Gilbert did more than anybody else — maybe everybody else combined — to make it happen. Thanks Sarah!

There are several great Flickr sets up documenting the event. I made a gallery of my favorite shots from three of them:

This, too, from Team CarFreeDays, in which no children or animals were harmed (do note evidence of training at 1:24):

5 thoughts on “Fiets of Parenthood: how we roll”

  • snickollet

    Hey! That's my bike! And that's me! And you, Todd! And Riley! Where the heck is Maddie?

    So glad we could join you.

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  • Tim K

    Thanks again for everything. And thanks for pointing out the 1:24 head duck move. I've never noticed him doing that, but I bet he picked that up over the years.

    There's no substitute for hours on the bike for making self-preservation second nature.

  • Julian

    THANK YOU Portland!!! We had such a great time, and did nothing to help ... but I'm excitedly drawing up a course for the Seattle event, and thinking about moving it up to July. Let us repay you by hosting one up here. What Sarah and you and co. pulled off was a mighty inspiration.

    If I can swing it, I might add a surprise Veronica Moss-esque Escalade-driving competitor to the family obstacle event. I think'd it'd be in stark contrast to the nimble/quick family cyclists. And fun for us all to whup her time around the course.

  • mabsf

    You could decorate a shopping cart with card board and push it in the way of the cyclists....

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