Gratitude: a party

When we opened in 2007, cargo bikes were pretty much a fringe phenomenon, and more than a few of Portland’s 60-ish bike shops still referred to child seats as “kid killers.” For all the talk of Portland’s bike scene being more than a scene, still it was dominated by people whose youth made up for lack of athleticism, or whose athleticism made up for lack of youth. If neither of these qualities drove the decision to ride instead of drive, then it was political conviction or just plain frugality. Either way, the idea that large numbers of normally-clothed people, especially parents, especially women, would choose comfortable, full-featured, sometimes heavy, sometimes expensive, unfamiliar-looking bikes as transportation year round, for the sheer pleasure and ease of it, was untested.

Doubtful, even.

Well, 2010 was our best year yet. After just 3 years in business, with nary a road, mountain, cross, hybrid, cruiser, or BMX bike ever in stock, Bicycle Retailer & Industry News named us among the top 100 bicycle retailers nationwide. Even through the recession, your business, dear customers, has been feeding over a dozen beloved mouths, all on the strength of this unlikely idea. It’s our Christmas child, Hanukkah miracle, New Year’s cheer, and monthly Thanksgiving. Not only have we succeeded in not contracting, but we have grown. Especially in the slower winter months, one develops an almost prayerful watch on the door, but over and over again, you come! And over and over, we are deeply thankful that you recognize our commitment. THANK YOU!

Please join us here at our Winter Cycle Party on Saturday, 22 January from 3-6 pm. Among other things involving free beer, we’ll announce the winner of our ongoing Nutcase Helmet design contest, with a $500 gift certificate as prize. Every entrant gets a $5 gift certificate. So have you entered yet?

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