Update: thanks to our customers over the last 4 days, many of whom mentioned our relief program, we are donating about $1600 to Mercy Corps in solidarity with the people of Japan.

News from Japan this week unfolds, as Mr. Kunstler has it, “like the slow-motion blossoming of some gigantic evil chrysanthemum.” If anything can make a 9.0 earthquake and tsunami obliterating whole cities seem like a prelude — without forgetting the half-million hungry survivors shivering in the dark — it must be the threat of four nuclear reactors burning through all fetters of concrete, steel, seawater hose and the sacrifice of the Fukushima 50 to belch dire poison into the fickle wind and snow.

Help is help; stir yourself. Please consider making a donation. We will donate 10% of gross receipts Thursday through Sunday to Portland-based Mercy Corps.

3 thoughts on “Help”

  • Dave

    You guys always do these things just *after* I have a bunch of work done and there's nothing I need to buy :( But I did donate directly to Mercy Corps, so I guess that works too :)

  • Nick

    Actually dave, you did the right thing. Donating to an unrestricted fund is much more productive then to a specific fund (for example directed to Japan).

    Doctors without boarders has earmarked enough money to operate in Haiti for over a decade. Red Cross has only used 83% of the funds for the South Asian Tsunami --that's 500million earmarked that cannot be used elsewhere!

    In reality, your generosity should be directed to a fund that you like and you believe to be honest. If you believe that, then let them do what they want with your donation. They are much more effective of operating a budget then you manipulating theres.

    Cheers guys. Please, don't donate to Japan. But donate.

  • Todd (admin)

    Nick, this donation, like last year's at the time of the Haitian earthquake, will be with Mercy Corps' "where most needed" designation; i.e., without a charismatic calamity earmark. Like water it will find its level; raising the level is the thing.

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