The Path Less Pedaled

Somewhere along the way, sometimes, in our insistent harping on the theme that bicycles here at Clever are normal, practical, daily transportation instead of instruments of frivolous leisure, we may distort the truth that they are both. Sure, they save money and haul stuff and have AC and magnet-powered lights and keep you healthy and connected and all, but they are also the most romantic, aspirational, daydreamy escape vehicles ever, spiritual quest chariots, rolling poetry.

While we’re all living la vida practica, trapped in a bike shop as the sun begins to show itself more, Russ and Laura are holding up the crazy side of our world, vicariously. You’ve surely heard of them if you “like” our Facebook page or follow our Twitter stream, or are otherwise connected to this here internet: they’re well wired. They are leaving soon on lap 2 of their indefinitely long USA bike touring career, this time on Brompton folding bikes and Amtrak, in a bid to “re-imagine the All-American Road Trip.” We’re proud to help sponsor them.

Join us Friday, 29 April, 6-8 pm here for a presentation by Russ and Laura about their unfolding adventure.

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