New Brompton H-types, plus configuration tool enhancements

Brompton folding bikes have evolved very slowly, steadily and deliberately over three decades into the most refined bikes of their kind. They don't pursue novelty for its own sake, and most improvements are retrofittable to previous models. While Brompton uses a high number of proprietary parts, these parts or compatible successors tend to be available as service replacements for at least a decade. The last major revisions to Brompton frames occurred in 2004. That's why it's kind of a big deal that there's now a new one: the H-type.


H-types resemble the most popular M-type, but the grips are 2.5" higher. Yes that's all, but if you're tall, or just prefer a more upright ride than Bromptons have previously offered, it's huge. The higher stem clamp also means a greater range of fore-aft adjustment than before. The changed fit possibilities have a bigger effect on handling than you might guess, with a cascade of newly appropriate saddle choices to boot. The folded package is no larger or less tidy than before, naturally. Do you have a Brompton already that you wish were more upright? We can convert it to an H type.

We expect to receive 9 H-types this week, nicely equipped. Stop in and give one a go!

We are pleased to announce some changes to our online custom Brompton configuration tool, too. In addition to representing the new H-type, we have now added several non-factory options in saddles, pedals, grips, and lighting, reflecting the most popular substitutions and upgrades we perform at Clever Cycles.

Lightest Brompton Ever Lightest Brompton Ever

In exchange for testing the latest revision of the tool, we'll take $100 off any custom Brompton ordered before January 31, 2012 that originates using the new tool.

This is a limited time offer, applying only to new orders originating with a request for quotation generated by the tool. In exchange for the discount, we would appreciate any feedback about your experience using the tool. Just place your comments in the appropriate field when you submit your configuration. Each configuration submission enters you to win the 1/8in scale mini Brompton ($300 value) model pictured right (limit one entry per customer). We'll contact the winner via email once the testing period is over on February 1. Start your configuration and enter now!

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