Out with the old: hot deals

Some bikes sell slower than others. Sometimes once-strong sellers yield their place to the new hotness, gathering dust and a nick or two. Sometimes we order only one or a few of a certain bike to check it out, and decide it's not for us. We've marked these bikes way down, to make way for the new. Single quantities; visit soon to test.

Electra Amsterdam Balloon 8 Xtracycle
Was $1500, now $1000

Was one of our favorite lower-cost Xtracycle conversion candidates, now sadly discontinued by Electra. Features lovely Schwalbe Fat Frank tires with upgraded Roller (drum) brakes, light steel construction and a long relaxed wheelbase for extreme comfort. A great grocery and kid hauler (with some mods)! Post mortem: this one spent too long as a display to have attracted many test rides. Now that it's discontinued, it's just a singular great deal.

Gazelle Basic
Was $1000; now $750

A solid, unpretentious, classic Dutch bike at a reasonable price. Hub dynamo LED lighting and front drum brake, together with 3 speeds and a coaster brake in back. Complete chain case, coat guards, ring lock, and old-school fold-down rear stand. Totally upright. We have one black and one gray, suitable for people taller than about 5'6". Post mortem: after 5 years of selling European style utility bikes in Portland, this is the last time we will ever again fall for the idea that coaster brakes might be acceptable to more than 1% of the adult riding population in Portland, especially above the very lowest price points. Do you like coaster brakes on a year-round daily rider? Come on down!

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