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Photo by Jonathan Maus, BikePortland.org

One thought on “Emily”

  • Emily Finch

    Thank you, Clever Cycles, for 3 years of bikey-happiness. I love your shop because everything in it is SO. DARN. AWESOME. And I love your staff because I can walk in with a bike with a "clicking thing-a-ma-bob kinda down near the pedals, and a slippey-slidey sort of deal when I turn the gear thing up on the handlebars" and walk out with a, um, bike that had something important take a bath in a bucket of grease for a while. The point is not that you fixed my bike (you did, hey thanks!), but that I never once felt stupid for not knowing what to call nearly every part of my bike. And that's because you have A+ people there. Seriously.

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