Selling the 2012 rental fleet

It's becoming a tradition that we sell our rental bike fleet each November, the only time we sell used bikes. We select our rental bikes for toughness, so after only a year of use, they're merely broken in instead of worn out. It's a rare opportunity to acquire Bromptons, WorkCycles, and other distinctive bikes, all completely equipped with generator lighting, fenders, racks, stands etc., at well under retail.

The fleet goes on sale Friday, Black, at 11am. First come, first serve. Local sales only; you must ride to decide. If that doesn't whip you all into a frenzy of craven holiday commerce, we'll note that we still have several Surly, Breezer, and Electra bikes marked down 20-30% from October's sale. Select raingear: still 30% off.

Happy Thanksgiving, Portland. We're thankful to you for our best business year in five, and to powers unknown for this gentle descent into Winter.

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