Some long-awaited restocks

We've recently received some things that we've been sold out of for a long time. We've let those on our mailing list know, but here's for the rest of you:

Morrison Stealth Pantaloons, now in a women's cut

4548011014_b045b8b1b2_o These are our own 100% worsted wool trousers, cut for comfort on a bike, easy care, and low-key good looks. Sewn for us by Bicycle Fixation in LA, this is the third production, which we dub Morrison, combining the best black drapey gabardine of the first (Belmont) batch with the improved details of the second (Hawthorne) run.

Wear a Merino base layer underneath October to May, and plain through the summer; these are literally the only pants you need year-round in Portland. I (Todd) have worn them every. single. day. for nearly 3 years, whether all day in the saddle or just slouching around. Black hides most crud your bike might kick up, zero fade, and is perfect for impromptu funerals, goth parties, or other occasions where, say, yellow pants would be completely inappropriate. They dry quickly when rained upon. Wrinkles drape out with every normal perspiration cycle. They don't stink. Machine wash and dry...

Previously these pants have worked great on men, and on women with boyish figures. We now have them in a curvier version for women, up to size 14. Come try them on!

FollowMe Tandem Coupling

Tow your child on his or her own bike behind yours, then uncouple for independent riding. The FollowMe Tandem Coupling is the only product of its kind that does not rule out the simultaneous use of a rear mount child seat, and the handling is much better than the common kinds that attach to the seatpost of the parent's bike. It's Emily Finchâ„¢-approved!
Fiets of Parenthood

Pilen Lyx Portlandia

Pilen Lyx Portlandia, loaded for bear Funny story: when we first ordered these beautiful, fun, terrifically made bikes in 2011, a few sold quickly, and their owners raved. And then, for reasons we still don't understand, almost nobody would even test ride them for many long months. Sales just stopped. We were even thinking about putting them on sale when, in just 11 days in April we sold 8, just by coincidence! And then we sold out, while people kept asking for more. It took a while to get more. Don't all rush!

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