Fall News

One of our favorite pleasures of the season is breaking out the warmer layers of wool from years past. Another is buying more. Clever Cycles now stocks more Ibex wool clothing than any other store in Portland. So much so that we're now considered an Ibex "Store in Store"! We like Ibex better than some other brands because the quality is unmatched, and the cuts tend to work better both on and off a bike, regardless of body type, than some of the sportier marks. Ibex also sews most of their clothing in California, from ethically-sourced New Zealand wool, and is even introducing Rambouillet wool from Montana into their lines.

Ibex Pearl Street Dress Ibex 4th St Boucle Cardigan

Visit us or shop online to see our Ibex line-up for Fall. We don't stock Ibex's cycling specific items, such as bibs and legwarmers, but we'd be happy to order them for you if you want to save on shipping.

Merino wool clothing, next to skin and on top, is the just the best for biking year round. Off the bike too. Unlike synthetics, it doesn't stink when you sweat in it. It keeps you warm even when it's wet, and it dries fast. Finer weaves keep you cool. Layer it, and you're ready for anything. It's comfortable, beautiful, and stays looking good for years with reasonable care.

Order & receive your custom Brompton before the new year and save!



Order before 5pm October 28th and pick up your custom Brompton before the new year*. All Brompton orders placed after October 28th will arrive after the new year and reflect the 2014 price increases. There are no changes to the Brompton for 2014 other than higher pricing!

Brompton folding bicycles are hand-built to order in London, in nearly a million possible specifications. Our Brompton configuration tool allows you to easily go through all the options, see color combinations, get a price, and save the configuration as a url to retrieve at a later date. Don't waste too much time though!

Brompton recently added new fender, grips and saddle colors to the mix. We'll add these to our configuration tool soon so you can further customize your Brompton.

* While we expect to have all orders ready for pick-up on December 20th, delays due to inclement weather, production issues, damage or shipping errors can happen. We can not guarantee that your order will arrive before a specific date.


Screen Shot 2013-10-09 at 9.48.13 PM

Back at Clever Cycles after a 5-year hiatus, Yuba bikes have come a long way! Long a bang-for-buck winner with heavier loads, the flagship Mundo series of longtail cargo bikes have lost weight and gained refinement, offering great value in a burly yet friendly package now encompassing electric assist, dynamo lighting, and internal hub gearing options. The new Boda Boda midtail is a much lighter, more versatile, even more accessible cargo bike with inimitable style.

  • Mundo's super stiff frame handles the heaviest loads with confidence.
  • Mundo's center stand is best-in-class, included in the base price.
  • One size fits most.
  • Boda Boda fits bus racks!
  • Loads of accessories to adapt for special purposes.

Sketchbook Bags


Sometimes customers are our best source of new product lines. This time, it's Sketchbook Bags. We knew we needed to carry these the first time we saw them. There just isn't much out there to compare these bags to. If your looking for a stylish waterproof bag that will last a lifetime, then you need to own a Sketchbook Bag. Made in Eugene, Oregon (soon to be an East Coast operation), the attention to detail on these bags is second to none. We stock the Camper Satchel, Indigo Rucksack backpack, Panniers, and the Musette in a couple of colors.

Portland's one and only Hot Tub by Bike delivery service

It's that time of year. Our calendar is filling up fast with bookings for the Dutchtub. If you've been planning to have one of our Clever tubbists deliver a tub to your place this Fall, get your calendar out now and give us a call!

The rate is $400 for 3 nights, plus a $50 deposit refundable upon clean return. This fee includes the following:

  • The tub, complete with cover, fire coil shield, ash tray, wok, fill and drain hose with fittings and bung, leveling shims, stir paddle, custom bicycle trailer doubling as a hand cart
  • Delivery and pickup by Clever-certified bicycle tubbist within our delivery area
  • Setup at your site, with instruction, tips for a successful first heating
    ~60lbs dry wood for 1 heating; additional 60lbs @ $15
  • Approved cleaning products

While we can arrange shorter rental periods, the minimum rental cost is always $400. Please see our rental page for more information.

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