Winter clearance sale: You Buy MEOW!

Up to 50% off, 4 days only: Friday 21 February through Monday

Usually relatively balmy, February has kind of sucked so far business-wise, with a weekend closed due to snow and ice, and the polar vortex chilling the adjacent weeks. Meanwhile our stocks of lovely winter clothing, both wool street wear and more technical rain gear, remain strong as new Spring stock begins to arrive. But who likes a sob story? Nobody, is who.

We have taken note of the amazing compulsive power of cats on the internet these few dreary weeks, and decided not only to adorn our windows with adorable silhouettes of cats (and dachshunds!) raining from the sky, but to deploy the power of Grumpy Cat and MS Comic Sans together in this unlicensed photo, in a craven bid to get you to buy some stuff.

C'mon! If that's not enough, here's what we're offering:

25-50% off    Ibex wool!
30% off    Raingear, hats and gloves!
25% off    Helmets!
10% off    Everything* else!
*0% off    Brompton bicycles (a steal at full price), Kinn bicycles, Stokemonkey unless purchased together with a compatible longtail
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