Brompton Urban Challenge Portland: Saturday, 16 July #BUCPDX

The Great Brompton Salmon Run: an urban challenge by Clever Cycles & to benefit BikePortland and to celebrate the city and its waters

You are a fish.
fish bike

You are the most important fish in the Pacific Northwest: the salmon. Your life's work is to turn the scum of the ocean floor into smooth silver scales and sweet pink flesh. The oil beneath your skin prevents heart disease and treats arthritis. A single gram of it, eaten daily by a pregnant human, increases her child's IQ by 1.3 points.

Your powerful body contains 130 grams of precious nitrogen, harvested over the course of your life from plankton, squid and eels. When you begin to grow old, a yearning in your heart will pull you out of the salt water you know and into a certain river, then a certain stream, then to the forgotten bed of pebbles where you were born. You'll mate. If you're lucky, you might mate two or three times.

Then you'll be hauled into the forest by an eagle or a bear and torn apart to feed her young and fertilize the earth. Fifteen percent of all the nitrogen in the world's tallest forests, here in the Northwest, came from the bodies of you and your relatives.

This is your life. This is your destiny. Fulfilling your destiny -- finding your path home -- will be the challenge before you.

Who can play: teams of 2-4 people ages 8 and up - people under 15 should have at least one adult on the team. ALL BIKES WELCOME! But each team must have at least one Brompton. We can rent you one; book now!