Our 10th Annual Fall Sale, 9-16 October


Gear up for the cooler, wetter, darker months ahead with 20% off the following goods:

  • Lights, battery, USB, and dynamo: read here why dynamo lights are best
  • Fenders: we carry only full coverage, mostly metal but some plastic. Bring your bike to make sure we can make fit.
  • Raingear: including capes that work with all clothing and sizes. See why rain capes are awesome.
  • Gloves: did you know we don't even carry summer gloves? Keep warm out there.
  • Hats: Under a helmet or instead: wool is the best stuff there is.
  • Select bikes: we ordered too many of some great bikes. Deals on select Linus, Simcoe, Breezer and even some cargo bikes. Details in store.

20% off not exciting enough? Share this ad with your friends to claim an additional 5% off. Let us know at checkout and we’ll deploy our Social Media Forensic Analyst to certify your co-marketing bona fides on the spot.