Design a Nutcase, The People's Choice Award

Our “Design a Nutcase” contest was a huge success. Well over 100 designs were submitted, and we had a wonderful crowd on Saturday to celebrate the winning entry. We’d like to thank all the contestants who submitted designs along with Nutcase Helmets, Bike Portland, & 94.7 FM for making it happen.

"Design a Nutcase" helmet design contest 1st place winner


We’d especially like to congratulate Maddison who won a $500 Clever Cycles gift card for her creative design.

Design a Nutcase second place winning helmet design "Perfect Day"


Choosing winners was not an easy task. Maddison’s beautiful hand-drawn art, along with the protective aspect of the snail shell, ended up being our favorite. We also gave away a second place $100 gift card to Heather’s “Perfect Day”. Heather and her family were in attendance on Saturday, and you can see her along with her winning entry here.

We’ve had such a great time conducting this event that we want to extend and share the excitement a little more. So, we’re adding a People’s Choice award via Facebook. Five random “likers” will each receive a $10 gift card. The design with the most “likes” at 7:32 am PDT on Groundhog Day (February 2nd) will receive a $50 Clever Cycles gift card. It’s too late to enter the contest with a helmet design, but you could win one of the gift cards just by voting (liking) your favorite.

Complete these two steps for a chance at winning:

  1. Like Clever Cycles on Facebook
  2. View the designs and choose the ones you like

We’ll contact you if you’re one of the five “like” winners. You’ll be able to see which design is in the lead by its number of “likes”. If you have an entry in the design contest, you’ll better your chances by using your social media skills to win! Yep, this contest isn’t just about the art. We’re milking it for all it’s worth.

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  • Stewart

    The disco helmet - I would buy in heartbeat - when headlights hit it, light rays will shoot all over! Seriously, If anyone knows where to buy a chrome helmet, please let me know.

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