Stokemonkey warnings

As Xtracycle put it on their site:

In addition to being good for your mind, your body, your community, and your planet, cycling can be very dangerous. Cycling with two people on one bike and/or with cargo can be even more dangerous.

Stokemonkey heightens these risks, possibly increasing your speed and cargo capacity beyond your ability to handle safely. This site depicts usages of Stokemonkey that are not necessarily safe, such as transporting five people at once. Explore your own limits and those of your equipment with caution, without regard for the high risk tolerance of any other Stokemonkey user.

As with fixed-gear bicycles, Stokemonkey’s chain guard provides minimal protection against misplaced clothing or body parts becoming caught between chain and gears, leading potentially to a loss of control or serious bodily harm.

Therefore, don’t get Stokemonkey unless:

  • You are a competent bicyclist, with at least dozens but preferably thousands of hours riding unassisted bicycles in similar conditions as you expect to ride with Stokemonkey.
  • You will use non-slip footwear and pedals at all times when riding with Stokemonkey to prevent your feet losing contact with the pedals under power.
  • You will assure that shoelaces, pant cuffs, and similar dangling items are prevented from touching the motor drive chain, either by dressing accordingly or using clips, straps, or similar protection measures that you supply.
  • You will assure that Stokemonkey’s battery or other power source is physically disconnected before installing, adjusting, maintaining, or otherwise working in proximity to any part of the drivetrain.
  • You are competent to assure, and will assure that Stokemonkey’s throttle is minimally subject to accidental engagement or hinderance of disengagement, replacing parts if necessary. For example, the throttle must not ever interfere or be interfered with by your shifters, brake levers, etc., or the normal motions of your hands on the handlebars.
  • You will turn off Stokemonkey, either through the power switch or by physically disconnecting the battery, whenever you are not riding the bicycle to prevent accidental or mischievous engagement of the throttle. Do not taunt Stokemonkey.
  • You understand the critical importance of maintaining your bicycle as if your life depended on it. You will regularly inspect for, recognize, and attend immediately to signs of impending failure of frame, fork, brakes, control cables, wheels and tires.
  • You possess the physical strength and handling skills to maneuver a cargo bike bike laden with Stokemonkey’s system weight, plus that of any cargo or passengers you plan to carry.
  • You will not permit children or adults lacking any of the above qualifications to use your Stokemonkey-equipped bicycle.
  • Having reviewed Stokemonkey’s design and specifications, you have good judgment and physical understanding sufficient to have anticipated most of these qualifications. Perhaps you can think of a few more?

We believe that Stokemonkey’s inherent risks are commensurate with its capabilities, and that used in awareness of these risks, it is no more dangerous overall than traditional tandems or fixed-gear bicycles, both featuring chain-driven pedals. We enumerate qualifications to avoid any confusion of Stokemonkey with other power-assisted bicycle products, few of which are designed for everyday riders who assume such risks routinely and implicitly.

Ask us about anything above you do not understand, or any other concerns you have, before finalizing your order.

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