Wool Night

It's not a slumber party with sheep, no!

Many people discovered years ago that Merino wool socks like Smartwool's were nearly revolutionary in comfort, durability, and value, but wool's not just for feet.

On Friday, November 7th, from 5:30 to 7:00 pm, please join us to explore the lanolin-kissed goodness of the Ibex Collection. Tom the Ibex representative will be here to answer questions, introduce new stuff, and schmooze. Best part: 10% discount on Ibex goods, even if we don't have them in stock at the moment. Next best: a raffle with a Shaq jersey and hats as prizes. Right after that: Iorio Restaurant is next door, and the Lucky Lab is across the street.

We said it in Spring, but it bears repeating: Merino wool clothing, next to skin and on top, is the just the best for biking year round. Off the bike too. Unlike synthetics, it doesn't stink when you sweat in it. It keeps you warm even when it's wet, and it dries fast. Finer weaves keep you cool. Layer it, and you're ready for anything. It's comfortable, beautiful, and stays looking good for years with reasonable care. That's going to be my question for Tom: "how come I can machine wash this stuff and even tumble dry it, while the wool I grew up with was dry-clean-only and scratchy besides?"

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  • Ian Hopper

    I love wool! I just bought an Ibex zipper mid layer and I can't seem to take it off! I WISH I lived closer to PDX: I wanna see the collection in person instead of only on the internet!

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