Workshop: how to fix a flat

Friday, 5 December 2008 at 5:30pm.

Sure there are web articles, videos, probably even books about coping with a flat tire on your bike. But nothing beats hands-on instruction and practice in a clean, well-lighted place full of vulcanizing fluid fumes, right across the street from a brewpub.

First in a planned series of free bike maintenance workshops at Clever Cycles, our focus will be, ironically, on the low-maintenance kinds of bikes we sell: ones with internally geared and generator hubs, bolt-on axles, full chaincases, hub brakes, and horizontal dropouts. For as much flat-fixing advice as there is out there, very little of it applies specifically to these kinds of bikes. As a result, we often encounter ridiculous claims about our bikes being ill-suited to real transportation use, because, the story goes, “if anything goes wrong, you’re screwtuck!” You know who you are. Come get your white gloves dirty with us.

Space is limited to ten participants, so RSVP to hold a spot. When or if we fill up, we’ll announce it here, so you shy, spur-of-the-moment, non-RSVPing types, check before heading over!

We’ll give you all a patch kit, free.

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