Tires give us grip, suspension and flat protection all at once. The wider the tire, the more contact it makes with the road, the wider the contact patch, the more grip. We typically recommend the widest tire that your frame will accommodate for comfort and stability. Some tires have more flat protection at the cost of higher weight. It's up to you where you'd like to sit on the spectrum of lightweight with superior ride quality or heavier weight with superior flat protection. If you're of the lightweight school, we recommend Compass tires. If you lean towards the never-wanting-to-get-a-flat camp, we recommend the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires. If you're somewhere in the middle, Panaracer Pasela PT and Schwalbe Marathon tires are great choices.

When sizing tires it's important to match up the rim size to the tire size. Usually there are markings on the sidewall of the tire to indicate size. We carry a wide range of tires for anything from kids bikes to folding bikes to cargo bikes to dutch bikes. If in doubt about which size you need, just ask.

Don't forget the tubes!