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Sturmey-Archer pawl or spring? We've got that. A replacement rivet for your Brooks Cambium saddle? We've got that too. If you can't find what you need here, just ask.
Brooks saddles are the only kind we've ever stocked, minus a few odd exceptions. Their lack of any padding, their vulnerability to rain (except new Cambium sort), and their costs beginning over $100 make our exclusive attachment to them seem odd to some. We persist because they really are more comfortable than padded saddles.

Counterintuitively or not, when your sit bones press down into padding, the padding presses up into adjacent soft tissue, restricting circulation, trapping heat and wreaking all kinds of numbing, chafing havoc. Brooks saddles are comfortable through suspension rather than padding, offering a firm supportive surface that remains cool and lets your clothing slide easily rather than rubbing your skin. They get even more beautiful and comfortable with use, and they're no harder to care for (or break in) than a pair of leather shoes. Since saddle pain is probably the single most common comfort issue in bicycles, we think a Brooks saddle is an eminently worthwhile investment for any daily rider, whether in fact or aspiration.

Most Brooks saddles come in various colors – click on each style to see what variations are currently available.

We offer a one year happiness guarantee on all Brooks saddles. If you don't like your Brooks saddle for any reason, return it and we'll offer a refund for 30 days, and store credit for a full year!