• 10 reasons to opt into a folding bike

    Can a Brompton folding bike improve your life?

    Fifteen years ago, I had never even heard of a Brompton folding bike. I don't know if it was the quirky design or the racing green color that yelled "I'm from Britain" like a group of English school children running down a cobblestone alley, but the seed was planted. Within weeks, I had a Brompton that I could call my own. My reason for ownership? I had a trip planned and a Brompton seemed like the perfect bike for travel. Turns out a Brompton is so much more than a travel bike.
    We came up with a list of reasons a Brompton might be the only bike you need.

    • It won't get stolen: Because you can bring a Brompton inside wherever you're going, they tend to stick around
    • One size: Brompton bikes fit a variety of riders from under 4' to well over 6'. If you need a bike to share with another individual or guests, then a Brompton will most likely be the right size.
      Reliable: Bromptons are extremely reliable. All components are high quality with the drivetrain parts stealthily tucked away inside the fold to keep your clothes clean and the bike in good working order.
    • It's tiny! Whether you're on a boat, plane, bus or train, you'll appreciate the compactness of the folded Brompton. It'll take up less room in your home or office too!
      It's Fun! Riding a bike is fun. A Brompton is a bike. Riding a Brompton is fun. The next time you see someone riding a Brompton, watch them. Chances are they're smiling. Just the opposite of people stuck in traffic.
    • No roof rack required: Bromptons fit in the trunk of most cars (eve...Continue reading...


We rent Brompton folding bikes, Faraday electric bikes and sometimes a few other kinds. Bikes come complete with lights, locks, fenders, luggage options, etc.

Part of our purpose in offering rentals is to let prospective buyers try our unusual bikes over longer periods. If you buy a bike similar to your rental within a week of return, we refund up to a week's rental fee toward the purchase.

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Expert mechanics service what we sell in our four-stand workshop, and also offer general tune-ups, repair, and consultation on all kinds of bicycles. Schedule online or call for an appointment.

We specialize in modern internal hub gearing, generator lighting, and modifications for greater comfort and utility.

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We are Portland’s first and largest bicycle shop devoted entirely to bicycles as primary transportation, serving urban households like ours seeking to avoid dependence on cars with practical, stylish bikes for everyday use: not just “commuting” bikes, but family transport, cargo, and folding bikes, all equipped for comfort, safety, and reliability. We also sell clothing and accessories that support a practical biking lifestyle in all seasons.

We are not motivated by the rising costs of motoring, ecological guilt, or a body-sculpting regimen. Bicycling is not a sacrifice or a statement. We ride instead of drive because it is pleasurable and convenient, simply the best way to get around Portland. We do not sell sporting goods or fitness equipment: fitness happens by riding your bike right past the gym in the course of your normal errands.

We opened in June 2007 to help make Portland an even better place to live and work, slow down in, ride every day. In a town with 70 other bike shops, we expanded our family-friendly shop three times through the recession to 7000 square feet, and in 2012 were named Best Urban Bike Shop in the United States by Bicycle Retailer and Industry News.